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Please note these are the experiences and views of individual patients.

– Richard Kain

A professional, friendly service that got me pain free and walking tall again.2 months ago
Had over 20 adjustments so far for long term back and neck problems, I have had some great results, and always feel great once I have had an adjustment. Simon and his team are always very welcoming and professional, special mention for Jan on reception, lovely lady. I would recommend anyone thinking of trying chiropractic treatment to call these guys.

– Sam McCormick

After trying numerous ways to help with pain and tension I was so glad to come across Calderdale Chiropractic – really friendly and professional and my adjustments have worked wonders to relax my shoulders and upper back!

– Dave Ransley

Always professional and friendly. Excellent results from treatment

– John Brierley

I was in excruciating pain after trapping my sciatic nerve. The doctor prescribed tramadol and diazepam, it didn’t work, went to A & E they gave me Naproxen and Paracodeine, that didn’t work either. Tried a physio and left feeling much worse.
Booked in with Simon and the first thing he did was x ray me to try to find the problem (which is something maybe the others should have done) and it turned out to be a disc in my lower spine pressing on the nerve due to a twisted spine. Several sessions later and he had corrected the spinal problem and the pain has gone. Simon has done an amazing job on sorting my back out and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone suffering from any back/leg/shoulder pain.

– Agnieszka Marian

Excellent in every way. Very professional staff and amazing doctor!

– Derek Wilson

Very impressed with first visit, good examination and explanation of following treatments that may be needed/required. New appointment booked for next week when I get results from this visit today.

– Sue Small

I found Simon and all his staff to be so friendly, professional and so helpful. I had for years suffered with lower back pain, and within the last year had begun to have painful knees. I had been with physio’s who seemed to think I had to take pain relief (co-codamol) which made me poorly. After only one week of Simon working on me I felt a huge improvement. He explains things clearly and is so willing to answer any questions. I just so wish I had gone earlier to him. Thank you Simon.

– Lucy Jackson

I have recently started working at Calderdale Chiropractic where Simon has provided me with several adjustments. Prior to treatment I suffered from headaches several times a week but since having frequent adjustments I have been free of such aches! I have also become more flexible since completing the recommended exercises. I thoroughly recommend the treatment provided at Calderdale Chiropractic!

– Rebecca Larkin

Great team at Calderdale Chiropractic are helping my dad with his hip and leg pain. Simon is extremely knowledgeable and all the team are very helpful and professional.

– Rav Mahay

After just two sessions I feel much better and confident that I am on the road to recovery. The staff are great, friendly and professional. Dr Simon knows why he is doing and you know you are in safe hands. I’m so glad my wife recommended me. Thank you Calderdale Chiropractic.

– Nick Cooper

After months of back pain and taking pills to no effect I went to see Simon. He fixed up a treatment schedule for me and gradually we worked through it. I’m now pain free and grateful to Simon for his advice and treatment. I’d recommend his expertise to anyone.

– Karen Smailes

I have nothing but praise for Calderdale Chiropractic. Simon and his dedicated team work hard to deliver excellent service. I look forward to my weekly adjustments knowing that I am in very good hands!

– lynne stone

Having suffered excruciating back spasm’s every day for months I was recommended to ring Simon to see if he could help The Treatment and information I received was fist class I am now standing a lot straighter And have more pain free days I still have a long way to go But have confident that Simon will get me back to having the life style I had.

– Vix Snowdon

Friendly and sympathetic staff who were able to see me at short notice and help make me more comfortable. After just one session my movement has improved and my pain has been reduced. Thank you and I look forward to further sessions.

– Sue Wood

I found the whole experience uplifting. The staff are wonderful and cannot do enough for you. The facilities are modern and pristine. Simon is marvellous and I feel confident that when my sessions are complete I will be pain free. I would recommend this practice to anyone suffering from painful joints etc. 10 out of 10.

– Fiona Addison

Our daughter injured her neck playing sport, and had a serious intermittent problem whereby she was unable to move one or more limbs for hours at a time.
We were told by the medical profession that her problems were psychological. However, Simon was able to manipulate her neck and enable movement to return, strengthening the damaged ligaments in the process. We cannot thank him enough.

– Chris Sigsworth

After being in a serious car accident and breaking my neck. One of the best things my partner bought me was a groupon voucher to go overtime my back and neck have improved dramatically less pain and discomfort better posture. Can highly recommend Simon and his staff truly are the bees knees. 👏👏👏👏👏

– Ann Heap

Simon is fantastic!! He is a caring practitioner and I trust him implicitly to manipulate my back and neck. I would recommend Calderdale Chiropractic clinic to anyone who suffers from a bad back/neck etc. I have not suffered with the pain that I had before seeing Simon. I continue to go every couple of months for ‘maintenance’ treatment. Thank you.

– ​John Cockcroft

My step daughter had visited Simon with phenomenal results, so I thought I would give it a go. I found Simon’s whole approach to health fascinating and refreshing and the improvement in my all over well being has been amazing.

– ​Donna Norman

I first came 3 years ago after having my first daughter in 2014. My coccyx was misaligned during childbirth and the days following I was in agony and couldn’t sit down. I had to lie down all the time and struggled breastfeeding because I couldn’t get into a comfortable position. I visited Calderdale chiropractic and was amazed with the results after only a few sessions, I was able to start enjoying being a new mother and could finally establish breastfeeding. Since then I have been going every 3 months for maintenance and because of that the problem has not reoccurred. I have recently had my second daughter and as I continued going throughout my pregnancy I felt so much better during and after labour this time. The staff are so lovely and welcoming and Simon is always friendly and very good at what he does, I always leave feeling so much better. Can’t recommend enough!

– ​Dulcie Clarkson

Only had 2 adjustments so far but Simon and his team are absolutely amazing. From the second I stepped in to the clinic for my initial consultation and scans, I felt completely at ease. Everything is explained to you thoroughly so you know exactly what each test/scan is for and then you are booked back in to receive your doctors report at a time that’s convenient for you. When you come back for your results, you are first sat down and talked through a presentation on Chiropractic so you can fully understand what it is and how it benefits you. It’s really interesting! Then you’re taken for your results where Simon explains everything really easily for you. You’re under absolutely no obligation/pressure to then proceed with an adjustment plan but I did as I’m a little broken! As mentioned previously, I’ve only had 2 adjustments so far but have left clinic on both occasions with some form of instant relief and a bounce back in my step. The reviews he has are absolutely spot on. I’ll leave another review once I’m a few sessions in.

– ​Mark Bowers

Had over 20 adjustments so far for long term back and neck problems, I have had some great results, and always feel great once I have had an adjustment. Simon and his team are always very welcoming and professional, special mention for Jan on reception, lovely lady. I would recommend anyone thinking of trying chiropractic treatment to call these guys.

– Lisa holroyd

I had been suffering with knee/leg pain for months before I started my treatment with Simon back in February, some days it was painful just to walk. I’ve just had my final appointment today and I’m pain free!
Simon is so friendly, as is Jenette and the rest of the team. He always takes time to explain what he’s doing and how it can affect the rest of your body.

– Wendy Kent

I chose calderdale chiropractic because they take xrays and scans before your treatment, to enable them to see what they are working with. I would highly recommend Simon and his staff to look after you.

– Chris Vine

Kept getting issues due to carrying too much weight on one side of my body. Simon helped me get back to full fitness in only a few months. Couldn’t recommend more, chiropractics doesn’t get talked about enough.

– Jabir Kazi

Happy to recommend simon, as a dentist my back posture and health is important and education around looking after myself is key. Simon has been great explaining the steps I need to take

– John Horton

I have just completed 6 months of treatment with Calderdale Chiropractic and the results speak volumes of Simon’s skills and attention, my back feels straighter and stronger than it has for years. The whole team have been superb throughout.
Highly recommended!

– Emily Hewitson-Townley

I have been attending The Practice now for 2 weeks after a break of 5 years. I was welcomed back with open arms and my treatment from Simon is First Class. I hope that it is not too long before I am restored to full mobility once more. Thank you for your care and help.

– Stephanie Green

Started going here in April as I had a car accident the June before and my back was in pieces. Simon has really helped ease a lot of the symptoms I had had. I still have a long way to go, but really look forward to the release every week! Definitely recommend getting a check with them

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