The Maintenance visit


​The question often arises over and over again, should I still continue to come for regular adjustments even if I don’t have pain?

Well, I am glad you asked. I would personally agree with getting regular chiropractic adjustments because I have been receiving maintenance adjustments for nine years now.  I have not had any days off work for many years due to illness and only get occasional aches in my mid back if I am lazy with my posture.

Pain should never be the controlling factor of why you return to get adjusted. Your nervous system is made up of over seventy-five miles of nerves and the nerve impulses can be as fast as three hundred and fifty miles per hour. By the time you start to feel pain there is already a great deal of dysfunction. Would you rather just feel good and be out of pain or be healthy.

Again I cannot stress how important it is to have your nervous system functioning at 100%. When a patient has a course of treatment and gets his or her spine in tip top condition they are usually out of pain. Much more than that, they usually report that they feel so much better. One of the reasons is that they are getting nearer to optimum nerve supply to their body.

Another reason is that they tend to sleep so much better, thereby feeling much more energy. If that patient then discontinues care, stops the exercises and keeps the old lifestyle, the probability is that they will revert to their previous condition.

That process usually takes 6-9 months. This happens regularly and the returning patient tends to say the same two things. Firstly, they can’t believe that it’s been that long. Secondly, they usually say, “The pain is worse than ever.”

I don’t really know if the pain is worse but I know that patients in this position are sorry that they didn’t maintain their spines. It usually only involves a treatment once per month.

I have been going to my dentist for approximately thirty five years now.  In that period, I still to this day have my teeth checked once a year even though it was only once with tooth ache. Why would you not want your nervous system to run at its optimum peak for the entire life?  How long would your car last if you only got it serviced when it started smoking or the oil light came on?

When it comes to your health and nervous system, it should be your number one priority.  Health is your responsibility and you do have a choice to keep your family’s nervous system always operating at 100%.   I hope to see your family for a regular check-up.

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The Maintenance visit
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